• Wiener Zentralfriedhof

    Republic of Austria・Wien

    The great cemetery park, Vienna Central Cemetery is the most recognized cemetery in Europe. The cemetery is established on 1874 and is the most important cemetery in Vienna. The cemetery’s motto is a simple and wonderful, “To be the final resting place for people of all religions.” With this motto, the cemetery opens for its solemn gates to foreign countries
    Area 32A, an area for old honorary graves, numerous historic statures and artworks will welcome and they will guide you to the place of great sages.

    The picture shows the main church in the cemetery park “The Dr. Karl Lueger-Gedächtniskirche”. A beautiful place where hymn or classic music tones reverberates over the graveyard.
  • Karl-Borromäus-Kirche

    Karl-Borromäus-Church(Dr.Karl Lueger-Church)

    The Art Nouveau cemetery church of St. Charles Borromeo is located at the center of the cemetery. The church was named after the name of former mayor Dr. Karl-Lueger (Karl Lueger Memorial Church) who contributed a great deal to the city such as first introducing gas lights and trams into the city. The church is also well known as a masterpiece of Jugendstil style (Art Noubeau) and was built in 1908–1910 by Max Hegele who studied architecture from famous Otto Wagner.

    The church is in the center of the cemetery and giving certain impression to the visitors.

  • Alten Arkaden Rechte No.5


    Another eye catching building next to Karl Lueger Memorial Church is mausoleum buildings (Alten Arkaden Rechte). The brick construction buildings are planned to build on 1880 and one of the most historic place at the cemetery park. Brick made imposing arcades are located at the center front of main corridor and spreads its wings to the left and right to accept visitors. Inside of the arcade is separated for each mausoleum for noble families which represents memorial art craft and underground stone hut. The area itself and those all of these gravestones are city’s important cultural property.

  • Aufbahrungshall

    Church halls

    If you proceed from main gates toward central corridor, you will find great church halls at your both sides where funerals or ceremonies at Vienna central cemetery are conducted.
    Our customers may conduct your personal ceremony at there. (Optional)


  • Ehrengräber Gruppe 32A

    Great musicians graves

    Vienna Central Cemetery is one of the most popular destinations for classic music tourism of Vienna. The area of honorary graves for celebrated musicians is located at the heart of the cemetery. Not only local citizens but also many visitors traveled from all over the world are visiting here to remind great musicians. Visitors will find there are always new flower offering to celebrate great musicians and thus know how they beloved by peoples even now.
    Section 32A, honorary graves for celebrated musicians.


  • Verschiedenen Religionen

    Various religious facilities

    The decision to establish a new, big cemetery for Vienna came in 1863. The cemetery has approx. three have million inhabitants and as of such a size of the cemetery, the consecration of the cemetery was not without controversy: the interdenominational character of the new cemetery. Now, there are areas for variety of religions, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhism or any other religions can be found the right area.Various religious buildings


  • Park der Ruhe und Kraft / Eine Parklandsbchaft

    Peace Memorial Park

    The cemetery spans 2.5 square kilometers and among of it situated “The Park of Peace and Power” (Park der Ruhe und Kraft). There are burial area covered under forest. The cemetery also situated a wide area of natural park which offering peace and quiet atmosphere. A variety of trees, vegetables and animals are inhabitants of the park.
    “The Park of Peace and Power”


  • Für Europas # 2 in der Größe

    In Europe the second big cemetery

    Vienna Central Cemetery is one of the highest ranked cemetery in the Europe where recognized by historic buildings, arts, celebrated musicians and a popular tourism attraction. Vienna Central Cemetery is next largest cemetery in Europe after Hamburg central cemetery. Also the city of Vienna is a famous tourist destination and many tourists are visiting the city from all over the world.The 2nd largest cemetery in Europe.