• Ehrengräber Musiker Gruppe 32A

    Great Musicians Section 32A

    Among the variety of burial sections widely spread in the cemetery, here section 32A shall be the most prestigious area. World renown music celebrities are taking their rest together at this area 32A. Beloved musicians and composers, sometimes called as music icon are buried here and it attracts daily visitors from all over the world.

  • Großer Musiker

    Musical icons buried in honorable section 32A

    The section 32A, an area for honorable musician graves is recognized as the most symbolic section in the cemetery. Worlds renown music celebrities are taking their eternal rest here. A famous indomitable composer Ludwig van Beethoven, The master of Vienna classic Johannes Brahms, a minion of socialite and a golden age of Vienna operetta Johann Strauß, a king of classic songs Franz Peter Schubert are resting here. At the center of them, memorial stature of a genius player and composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Everyone visiting here may dream if these genius are all together in hands in hands, how amazing the music to be….


  • Viele Musiker&Große und wichtige Personen

    Numerous hero and great men

    Not limited at section 32A, there are other famous people buried at Vienna Central Cemetery. For example, the top of European court orchestra, Antonio Salieri (Well known from famous film Amadeus. Upper left on the picture.) buried at section 0. Successive presidents of Vienna and other various famous people are also buried here. A designer of famous railway heritage, Semmeringbahn, Carl von Ghega is also here. (Popular as his face on Austrian old 20 Schilling banknote and postage.) Therefore, Vienna Central Cemetery famous as well for the memorial place of great men and hero.