• Alten Arkaden

    The mausoleums arcade “Alten Arkaden”

    After the main gate of Vienna central cemetery, the central corridor leads you to the   church halls with right and left wings. After these buildings, you will find an impressive brick arcades at your front. These distinctive arcades are honorable mausoleums where nobles, statesmen, architects, doctors and many other celebrities are taking their peaceful lest. The profound Renaissance style mausoleums have ceremonious painted ceilings which give graceful atmosphere to the area.

  • Alten Arakden Rechte No.5

    The mausoleum arcade, the section WMF offers.

    The mausoleums arcade is spreads its left and right wings from the central corridor. The right wing called “Alten Arkaden Rechte” and the left called “Alten Arkaden Linke”. Each arcade is divided to 18 sections and in total 36 nobles families are buried.

    We “World Music fan Cemetery Corporation” obtained a special permission to use “Alten Arkaden Rechte No.5” section as pictured above. This is the first permission granted to foreign organization since the establishment of the cemetery and it is very unique opportunity.  We offer you to take your final resting place at an ideal place of your dream, with great musicians in one of the most beautiful city of Vienna.

  • Gedekenstätte Tombstone & Gruft

    Commemorative gravestone and the burial chambers under the mausoleums

    A memorial stone will be placed at Alten Arkaden Rechte No.5 by World Music fan cemetery Corporation. (Present picture: The first phase installation completed.)
    The name of each individual will be engraved to the special memorial plate and it will be installed to the center of memorial stone. (Black space.)

    納骨壇With above mentioned Commemorative gravestone, special cinerary space will be installed at the burial chambers under the mausoleums. The chambers are designed to accept cinerary urns or partial cinerary urns or other memorial items or items approved by the governance committee of Viena central Cemetery and World Music fan cemetery Corporation. (Details and conditions are available on the general usage provisions. Please inquire.)